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Verem Room Escape Game

Verem Room Escape Game

The real escape game

Experience entrapment with your friends, courtesy of Verem! Verem is a real life “room escape” logic game, in which under the allotted time you must solve a chain of logical problems in order to accomplish the final objective and of course win your key to freedom. During the construction of Verem we tried to make up entirely individual problems, at the same time we placed great emphasis on setting the mood and creating a design in accordance with the elements of the story. Come try it out!


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During the creation of this game we tried to make it a unique experience. We believe that the game must retain some of its classical elements stemming from the original room escape computer game. Similar to its origins this game is truly good because the main tasks at hand are laid out individually in an appropriate manner in way that is in agreement with the backbone of the overall story. The tasks at hand are based off separate ideas which are tied together by the previously mentioned classical elements of the room escape game, namely: searching for keys, opening locks, getting to the next room, and of course after all is said and done cracking the key required for successful escape.

The experience can only be complete if we envision ourselves within the game as one would in a good movie, or as a kid would in a fairytale. For this reason we wrote a story, created a location, made up the objectives, set up the furnishings and lights and added sounds and other effects…The setting is a huge element of the story. While the theme of the story is meant to be scary and surprising, we didn’t wish to reach this through scary sound effects and sudden surprises. The required “stress” element is acquired by the race against time and certain mood setting elements.

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