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Time Trap

Time Trap

Be the puppet of a crazy killer!

Be the puppet of a crazy killer and get to know the visions of his sick mind. Enter the TimeTrap and play the dangerous game! But beware, you only have an hour to get out, or the basement will bury you forever.

Break from the PRISON TRAP! Try our newest room, the Prison Trap! How does it feel to sit in prison? You can feel only if you come and try.


Minimum players

Maximum players


You haven’t seen anything like this before! Guaranteed!

Suddenly you find yourself with your friends in the trap of a psychopath killer. You don’t know how you got there, and for the time being you don’t know how to get out either. Not a drop of sunlight is getting in, this place is creepy. But you have to get out somehow! At that moment you hear a sound from a speaker and you realise that you only have 1 hour to get out of this nightmare.

To get out you only need teamwork and intelligence here, there is no need of sheer force or survival instincts. In the TimeTrap every little bit of information could be vital for the escape, everything happens for a reason, everything has significance.

Keys, codes, riddles accompany you in the course of the game, the flow of time can be checked at all times on a screen that further escalates the excitement.

This is not a scaring game; nobody will jump on you from the dark. The time running out, the solving of the tasks and the closed in feeling are the things that elevate your adrenaline!

Prison Trap

Be a captive in a prison, and try to break from your cell. It depends on you and your team if you can break yourself free, or you will rot in prison forever. The conditions are similar to a real prison in the game. Can you get rid of your chains?

In the Prison Trap you can try yourself as a prisoner. What does it feel like to locked into a cell of a few sqare meters with your mates; or alone, while the others are in the next cell? You can hear the guard walking on the aisle, and you hear another captive being tortured. But after a while you realize, that others were here before you, and they left you some signs, that may help you to leave that inhuman place. Will sixty minutes be enough for you to break?

Attention! The game is not recommended for those who have claustrophobia or panic disease.

You need creativity and teamwork at both of our rooms, no matter how strong you are, and how strongly you want to get out. In the Time Trap every piece of information is important, nothing happens just by chance.

Keys, codes, and riddles are in the game, and you can follow the progress of time on a screen, hopefully it will make you even more excited.

This is not a scary game, and nobody will jump on you from a dark corner. The excitement is due to the situation and the tasks.

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