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Be the part of this movie!

Family meeting? Social evening? First date? After-school excitement with your fellow-students? Company team-building for co-workers? Are you a bride, perhaps a groom? If your answer is YES, come and visit us.
Try to get out of the Mummy’s burial chamber or test your skills in the bloodcurdling Saw room, before Jigsaw return!


Minimum players

Maximum players


Jigsaw’s room:

We would like to play a game with you! You wake up in a dark place with your mates and you do not know how did you get here. You look round and the place is completely mystical, strange and unknown. Your goal is joint: sermonize Saw and make your way out from the puzzle–studded room in 60 minutes.

Mummy’s burial chamber:

The pharaoh is dead. He left behind treasure which is fended in his tomb. You decide with your research team to enter into the Mummy’s burial chamber, however there is a little problem… This place is accursed. You have 45 minutes to get out in one piece, otherwise the door will be closed forever and the malediction will finally come true!

      +36 30 537 0256

       Hungary, 7624 Pécs, Ferencesek utcája 3.

     [email protected]








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