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Room Escape Quito

Room Escape Quito

Immerse yourself in the first real life escape game in Ecuador, in which you are the main character. Mental ability and ingenuity are the keys to escape.

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You have two games:

El Calabozo

You are inside a prison cell and you are about to be condemned to the gibbet. You must prove your innocence and escape of this nightmare, resolving the enigmas, riddles and everything that the executioner left in the path before he awakens. You must find the documents that prove your innocence, the gold that you were stolen and the master key.

La Casa Antigua

You are inside a house full of antiquities and the legends are about to trap you forever. You must solve all the puzzles and enigmas in order to find the key and live the experiences that the past has for you.


      Guanguiltagua N36-219 y Diego Noboa, Quito, Ecuador

    [email protected]







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