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Riddle Twist

Riddle Twist

Adventure has never been closer to you

Riddle Twist is the place to play real escape-quest games in Prague! Embark on your next adventure and see if you have what it takes.

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Xaverius On his deathbed, old painter F. X. Balko said that Xaverius (picture of Saint Xaverius, his only masterpiece) is hiding a mystery, clues that lead to a treasure. Despite many treasure hunters scrutinized the picture and tried to crack its mystery, nobody has ever been successful. The story became a mere tale. But what if it is true? Or it is not as supposed to be? You and your team will get a chance to spent 75 minutes in a grim church alone. Will you manage to solve the centuries old mystery? Inspired by Saint Xaverius, first Czech sci-fi, written by Jakub Arbes (1840-1914).

      +420 735 615 655

      Wenzigova 1857/11, 120 00 Praha 2

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