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Real Escape Game

Real Escape Game

The inventor of Real Escape Game

The origin of live escape games. Real Escape Game was invented by SCRAP in 2007 in Japan. REGs have been held numerous countries in unique places such as actual ships, amusement parks, and stadiums. SCRAP also produced the series of TV show-game. SCRAP is the company that pioneers the new genre of Real World Adventure, which has become a driving force in the world.


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The first REAL ESCAPE GAME™ in the U.S took place in San Francisco in 2012. Another San Francisco game took place on board a ship, which was a world-first. Also, since the opening the REAL ESCAPE ROOM™, Escape from the Mysterious Room, over 6,000 people tried their luck at escaping in the first year. Despite the highly challenging difficulty of 2 % success rate, all tickets are continuously selling out. The events get popular among people who love something unique and cool. Real Escape Game™ is the trademark of SCRAP.

       2425 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA, 94567

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