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Questroom is a new exciting live escape game. It will hold you captive, unless you find your way out by solving puzzles and unravelling mysteries!

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You will be locked into a jail where many arrested people spent their times before. They all have left clues about their escape for the next inmates. But if you aren’t familiar in those circles you may haven’t heard about the, You have to find it for yourself to get out in time.

The rules are simple: once you’re inside you have 60 minutes to get out. But to do that you’ll need to thoroughly examine every inch of the chambers of the vault and – most importantly – you’ll have to work as a team! (Minimum 3 and maximum 5 people, by the way…) During the escape, different skills are needed to be put into play at the same time; you cannot be successful alone!


      136 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2PJ

    [email protected]







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