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Question Escape Rooms

Question Escape Rooms

Escape Game in Israel

Question builds and operates “Escape rooms”. The company’s vision is to provide an intelligent alternative to going out, by creating a unique experience. Unlike other forms of entertainment such as movies, theatre and video games, at “Question escape rooms” – you’re not just watching the story, you are a part of it, and you can changes the plot. It is up to you and your team. Can you reach a solution before time runs out?


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Maximum players



The boxing match of the decade is soon to begin and is likely to last for an hour. During the battle, while the gamblers and dealers are sitting in the stands, and the safe is full of money, it’s your breakout team’s opportunity to enter the heavy gamblers’ floor and find your way to the safe.

The robbery is all planned and you have everything your need. Will you be able to get to the money and escape before the fight is over and everyone is back?


      הברזל 31, רמת החייל, תל אביב בית עמנואל, קומה 4

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