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MindMaze Prague

MindMaze Prague

Play MindMaze in Prague to experience your most exciting 60 minutes ever!

Come and play MindMaze’s live, interactive, multiplayer escape the room games – where the stake is high and the clock is ticking! Your team will be locked in a room and given just 60 minutes to escape.


Minimum players

Maximum players




This escape the room game takes you to the 16th century, when a famous alchemist lived in Prague. He was searching for the greatest secret of all time – the Philosopher’s Stone, to transform metal into precious gold. Legend has it that the Philosopher’s Stone is still hidden in a secret chamber waiting to be discovered…

Are you ready for the adventure? Find out if the legends are true in this thrilling 60 minutes exit game quest!


You’re on a military mission! Your task is to steal a submarine blueprint from the base of enemy forces. You’ll purposely have your team arrested by the enemy to get inside their headquarters faster. Before the interrogation begins, your team will be locked together in a room for – exactly 60 minutes.

This is your time to steal the submarine blueprints and escape the room!

Can you complete the mission on time?

      +420 773 044 318

      Tyrsova 9, Praha 2

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