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Lockdown Ottawa

Lockdown Ottawa

It's isnt about your physical strength, it's a battle of the mind

A 45 minute battle of the wit. Can you figure out the puzzle and escape before times runs out? The hottest trend in live game entertainment, take the test at Lockdown Ottawa and see if you can escape.


Minimum players

Maximum players


What if you’re clever, smart and resourceful? And your resume says “works well under pressure” and “excels in a team environment”. Well here is your chance to exercise those skills. Locked up for 45 minutes in a room with your team, work together to try and escape before time runs out. Just to be clear, It isn’t a test of your physical strength, it is a battle of the mind. Can you do it? Can join the Lockdown society of intellects? Will you get a coveted t-shirt saying “i escaped LOCKDOWN Ottawa“.


      340A Parkdale Avenue Entrance on Spencer Street, Ottawa, Canada

    [email protected]







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