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Lock & Key Escape Room

Lock & Key Escape Room

Live Escape Games in Buffalo, New York

Find the clues. Solve the puzzles.  Can you escape in one hour? We are located in the heart of Buffalo’s Elmwood Village. We currently feature one game, Virus Outbreak, with another to follow soon.


Minimum players

Maximum players


Virus Outbreak

Zombies have overrun the research facility where you work! This strange plague quickly kills and transforms it victims into mindless walking dead- and you have been bitten by one of them! You and your comrades now find yourselves trapped by the dead, barricaded in a lab after being bitten.  You have one hour to search the lab and find a cure before they join the ranks of the living dead!

      (+34) 952 227 398

     504 Elmwood Avenue, Lower Front Suite, Buffalo, New York 14222, United States

    [email protected]







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