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House of Mysteries

House of Mysteries

Hello... I want to play a game...

The House of Mysteries is a puzzle and adventure house where you can play escape games up to the outdoor investigations. These adventrues are full of exciting and mysteries! If you visit Esztergom or Budapest don’t miss to play wiith us! Come and try it with your friends!


Minimum players

Maximum players

“69:00 ‘ It has begun… The door closed and the shutter clicked…62:00 ‘ Your time is running out… you can’t count on any helpy, but your friends and your own mind.

57:00 ‘ You know it very well… if you solve the puzzles and riddles correctly, then – and only then – you can escape from this room.

56:00 ‘ The adrenaline and excitement is rising…. Tick ​​… tock …”

      +36 30-417-9044

       Hungary, 1053 Kossuth Lajos utca 7-9.

     [email protected][email protected]







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