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Escape Room SP

Escape Room SP

Can you escape?

Escape Room SP is a Real-life room escape game in São Paulo, Brazil. This house differentiates for the imersion, thematic and quality of puzzles in the rooms.


Minimum players

Maximum players



The first room (Lado-B) is surrounded by mistery. In this room players face a journey to a place where laws of science were trespassed, trying to understand what happened with the misterious scientist identified with the initial PS.

The room starts with a video footage of the scientist guiding the players to a non-return adventure. Inside the room, players must think outside the box and unravel all the riddles to find the key and the destination from the scientist.

The second room (Ateliê) is an art studio used to counterfeit famous canvases. The players are investigators looking for clues from this criminal, that must be found in 60 minutes before he lives the country.

Ateliê will be open to public in September 2015.

Unti the end of the year, Escape Room SP will present 4 rooms. Some say the website already presents clues about thematics from the third room.

      (11) 4872-348

      R. Bagé, 268 – Vila Mariana São Paulo – SP

    [email protected]








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