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Escape Land

Escape Land

The logical and creative fun

Fun with family, friends at Escape Land. Creative and logical live escape rooms. Reasonable pricing let more people enjoy. Please visit Escape Land, we are in Hanoi, Vietnam.


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Maximum players


Detective Academy Young detectives have to face tough challenges set up by a famous detective – Mr.X who is also the founder of Detective Academy. Who passed these changllenges will be official graduates and be becoming qualified detectives. Are they good to make it? What awaits them? What are the real purposes of these challenges?

Abandoned Chamber Suddenly awaken, detective graduates found them to be locked in a abandoned chamber. Losing their directions and being confused, they had only a choice to use their inference ability and senses in order to get out. A strange feeling incurred as they found the chamber was set up and there were sutble signs that a way out existed. Following the clues, they realised a terrifying message in the chamber, but the kidnapper seemed not to harm them on purpose.

      097 360 3217

       Floor 5, 6 No 117 Chùa Láng street, Đống Đa district, Hanoi, Vietnam







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