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Code 13

Code 13

The realistic detective room!

We are bringing you back in time! It’s 1986. The heroes of this story (you) are detectives, who are trying to stop a killer disease by rely on on their sharp mind and observation skills. Is 60 minutes enough to save the World? Is it enough for you?
There is no fear, no dread … only the clock is ticking.


Minimum players

Maximum players


The principal is a certain Dr. D., who visited the detectives because his colleague lost. The victim – Dr. Stein – is a reputable medical researcher, who was working on the antidote of a very mysterious virus, which has a death treat for the whole humanity. It first appeared in the middle of the XX. century, but now it’s spreading more quickly.


The detectives have to find the serum and give to Dr. D., before they get into wrong hands. You had better hurry because you only have an hour to solve the case. After that the authorities arrive and maybe the production way of the antidote will never see the light.

Authentic environment, new puzzles and several electronic tricks are waiting for you in Code 13. Come and help saving the humanity from the deadly virus. If you succeed in this, you may get a little gift!

      +36 70 7027 517

       Hungary, 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller street 44. (enter from Wesselényi Street)

     [email protected]







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