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Escape if you can!

If you are looking for some excitement, want to speed up your weekdays and boost in your usual weekly meetings, come to the cellar of Captivity! All you need is some logic, intelligence, consistency, ruse, good eyes, sharp mind, attention and teamwork!

This game provides amazing experience for all ages. Don’t hesitate! Come and jump into this adventure!


Minimum players

Maximum players



The essence of the game is that the groups got trapped in a room. Only with cooperating, thinking together, finding codes and solving puzzles can you escape. Every detail is important, every little thing matters. Several things will make you think including locks, padlocks, keys, codes and logic puzzles.You have to find the way out by solving different difficulty tasks which are built on each other. Your main enemy is the constantly running time, because you have only 60 minutes to escape. Would you be able to get out?

      +36 30/46-48-120

       Hungary, 2400. Dunaújváros, Dunasor 25-27.

     [email protected]







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